Guide to Activities 

The trustees are prepared to consider grant applications that are consistent with the following guidelines:

  1. Making grants to registered charities and other charitable organisations which make provision of facilities, equipment, coaching and training in sports such as, but not limited to, football and cricket.
  2. Making grants to community amateur sports clubs, which are either registered charities or capable of being registered charities, particularly, but not limited to, cricket and football clubs.
  3. Making grants to other bodies which are carrying out charitable projects within the field of sport, in particular but not limited to the area of football and cricket.
  4. Making grants from our joint venture with Essex Community Foundation (the Essex & Southend Sports Charitable Fund, ESSCF), to support sporting activities for individuals in Essex who could not otherwise realise their full potential. Grant applications from sports organisations and other bodies that require matching funding may also be referred to ECF for consideration of making grants out of the ESSCF in which case the application must be made on an official ECF application form - see below.
  5. Making grants to registered charities and other charitable organisations that assist in the education of young people under the age of 25 in the County of Essex through the use of sport, eg grants to football in the community projects.
  6. Provision of, or assistance in, the organisation and provision of facilities for the playing of sports in particular, but not limited to, the playing of football and cricket eg football pitches which will be open to the community for a reasonable charge.
  7. Provision of grants to bodies which provide facilities such as sports grounds so that they can ensure that people who may be young, elderly or disabled, may have access to such facilities.
  8. Provision of services to people who may be young, elderly, disabled or underprivileged so that they may fully enjoy attending sporting events, eg including commentary for people with visual impairment.
  9. Provision of sporting equipment and clothing or provision of grants to purchase such items, (eg tracksuits, footwear and sports books) to inhabitants of Essex who may be young, elderly, disabled or underprivileged so that they may fully participate in recreational and sporting activities.
  10. Provision of services (such as transport) to people who may be elderly, disabled or underprivileged, so that they may attend sporting events.
  11. Provision of suitably qualified coaches or the provision of grants for coaches in football and cricket so that the inhabitants of Essex in particular those you may be young, elderly, disabled or underprivileged may improve the quality of their game and enable them fully to participate in healthy education.
  12. Provision of grants and scholarships to young disadvantaged individuals aged up to 25 to enable them to attend full time sports coaching and training at football clubs and cricket clubs in the County of Essex .


Grant applications to EASST should be submitted to Mr Joe Sims:

Email Telephone 01245 227636; Mobile 07981 040 351


Grant applications to Essex & Southend Sports Charitable Fund should be made at their website

The application form for individuals is at the bottom of the page.